New Palestinian Interview Wrappers

We have just printed a second version of our handouts containing all new interviews with Palestinians in The West Bank, Gaza, and the diaspora. Each section highlights the perspectives of multiple people. Graphic design by Brett Yasko. Pattern and Arabic text design by Muiz. Text editing by Quinton Steele. Special thanks to Mohammad Barakat, Hadeel Salameh,… MORE >



Check Out Our Updated Palestinian Menu

We’ve updated our Palestinian menu with some new dishes. Come check them out and get a free hot cup of sage scented tea to keep you warm. HAMASEES: SPICY STEW OF BRAISED SOUR GREENS, LEMON AND LENTILS;SERVED WITH ARABIC BREAD,PICKLES AND OLIVES KISHIK STEW: BRAISED LAMB, CHICKPEAS, RICE AND FERMENTED YOGURT STEW; SERVED WITH ARABIC… MORE >

Conflict Kitchen Now Catering

Conflict Kitchen is now catering for pick-up and preparing food for larger off-site functions. For small pickup orders under 15 people contact us two days ahead. For off-site events or larger functions contact us two weeks ahead. All orders come with interview-based publication with citizens of current focus region. Additional Conflict Kitchen publications and presentations… MORE >

Co-Director Uses $15k Award to Expand Palestinian Focus and Challenge Funders to Support Freedom of Expression

—From Conflict Kitchen Co-Director Jon Rubin: Yesterday, I received the Carol Brown Established Artist Creative Achievement Award, an unrestricted cash prize of $15k jointly funded by the Heinz Endowments and the Pittsburgh Foundation. Last month, the Heinz Endowments disavowed their 2013 grant to Conflict Kitchen under pressure from lobbying groups and media organizations. In the awards… MORE >

Thank You To Our Supporters

We are overwhelmed by the generous support we have received this week for the project and the rights of Palestinians to present their perspectives without fear of reprisal.  We are deeply moved by these responses and are excited to reopen and continue our programming. If you happen to be in our fair city, we do hope… MORE >

Conflict Kitchen will reopen on Wednesday Nov 12th

After consultation with local law enforcement agencies, Conflict Kitchen will reopen Wednesday, November 12 and continue operating under our regular business hours from 11am-6pm, 7 days a week.  We greatly appreciate all of the incredible support that we have received during our closure, and we are eager to reopen our Palestinian iteration. The investigation on… MORE >

Statement to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and others who frame our Palestinian Interview handouts as “anti-Israeli messages”

The Post Gazette’s (and other media and lobbying groups‘) insistence on continually misrepresenting our food wrappers as “anti-Israeli messages,” shows a distinct lack of research into what is actually on the wrappers, a reinforcement of right-wing accusations made in other media, and thoughtlessness about our current situation. Like we have done for four years with… MORE >

Conflict Kitchen Responds to Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article of Nov. 6th

Post-Gazette writer Melissa McCart approached Conflict Kitchen with a set of questions of which were to be included in this article, published November 6, 2014.  Unfortunately, Ms. McCart neglected to include any of Conflict Kitchen’s answers.  Additionally, we specifically requested that Ms. McCart include the viewpoints of local Palestinians in this article, as well as… MORE >