Palestinian iteration opening April 3

We will be reopening our Palestinian version of Conflict Kitchen on Monday, April 3. The menu will feature favorites from our previous iteration, including hummus, falafel, fattoush and shawarma. Stay up to date on Facebook, Twitter and our website for public programming announcements. The restaurant will be closed on Sunday, April 2 to facilitate the… MORE >

VOTE to fund Conflict Kitchen’s Guest Chef Program

Conflict Kitchen is excited to announce our Guest Chef Program, a project pilot that has been submitted to The Sprout Fund’s 100 Days of US initiative. We are asking Conflict Kitchen’s supporters to like our guest chef program on the 100 Days of US website and share our project with your network.   In partnership with… MORE >

Letter to the Editor of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The management and staff of Conflict Kitchen recently submitted a letter to the Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in response to an image featuring Cleveland Indians baseball fans in redface published on the front page of the paper. The full text of the letter and the referenced image is below. We were dismayed that an… MORE >

Conflict Kitchen opens Haudenosaunee version

We’re excited to announce the opening of our Haudenosaunee iteration. The Haudenosaunee Confederacy, also known as the Iroquois Confederacy, is a league of six Indigenous nations located primarily in upstate New York with historic ties to Western Pennsylvania. We’re excited to share the food and culture of the Haudenosaunee people and offer their perspectives on Indigenous sovereignty, economic and environmental… MORE >