Visit Palestine


The image on the front of this poster was painted in 1934 by Franz Kraus, an Austrian born Jew, for the Tourist Development Association of Palestine, a Zionist development agency calling Jews to relocate to Palestine and redeem the land. Since its reprint in 1995, the poster has been appropriated by Palestinian society and become a ubiquitous symbol of resistance found throughout Palestinian shops, offices and streets. Many Palestinians use the poster as an ironic jab at the Israeli state rhetoric: that before the establishment of Israel, Palestine was empty, Palestine was barren and that a place called Palestine never existed.

  • Go to Palestine and participate in an extensive immersion with the Palestinian Summer Encounter. Participants volunteer at a Palestinian nonprofit organization while living with a Palestinian family and take regular cultural and language classes over a span of 1-3 months. Immersions run $2,030 – $4,160.
  • Go to Palestine and immerse yourself in the people, history and politics of Palestine with the Alternative Tourism Group (ATG). With ATG, you will go on a two-hour tour of Jerusalem’s old city or take a week-long political, cultural, historical, solidarity or spiritual tour of Palestine and the region. Tours range 1-10 days and $30-700.
  • Go to Palestine and Jerusalem Wilderness will lead you on beautiful day hikes throughout wilderness surrounding Jerusalem. Most hikes last a single day, but they also offer journeys with an overnight stay. Jerusalem Wilderness’ options range from $70 – 120.
  • Go to Palestine and experience life in Palestine with Green Olive Tours. Green Olive Tours will guide you as you visit with Bedouin, Palestinian and Israeli settler families, participate in the olive harvest or walk the “Nativity Trail” from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Green Olive Tours’ options range from 1-12 days and $40 – $1690.
  • Go to Palestine and visit Christian Holy sites with Saint George Tours. This Palestinian Christian travel agency guides you on a spiritual tour of ancient Biblical sites and facilitates interaction with Palestinian Christian communities. Tours typically range 8-10 days, and the price is negotiated.
  • Go to Palestine and learn from those working for a nonviolent resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict with Interfaith Peace-Builders (IFPB). You will engage with those working nonviolently in Palestine and Israel to end the occupation. IFPB’s delegations are 14 days and cost $2,300.
  • Go to Palestine and see first-hand the manifestations of the occupation with The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). With ICAHD, you will join Israeli and Palestinian activists in resisting the demolition of Palestinian houses and building efforts for international advocacy. ICAHD’s options range from 1-11 days and $40-1,400.
  • Go to Palestine and investigate fair trade in Palestine with Canaan Fair Trade. Canaan Fair Trade gives you access to unique cultural events when you visit the only brewery in Palestine, learn how to roll maftoul and participate in a homestay with a Palestinian family. Canaan Fair Trade’s tours last 8 days and cost $950.
  • Go to Palestine and walk throughout the whole of the occupied territories with the Siraj Center. The Siraj Center works to “transform curious tourists into informed pilgrims” by offering a variety of guided hikes that span 3 to 14 days and cost between $440 and $1,370.