The Lunch Hour (Laila Al-Soulaiman)

Where: Conflict Kitchen

When: Thursday 10/10 1pm

Join us this Thursday at 1pm for  an informal discussion with Laila Al-Soulaiman about the crisis in Syria. Laila is a Syrian-American undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh. Since the age of 16, Laila has worked to educate and engage the Pittsburgh community about the ongoing conflict in Syria. She has lead an advocacy campaign about the Syrian Revolution that targets Non-Arabs and provides strategies for youth to engage in activism to ultimately influence the school and community environment. In her quest, she has partnered with nonprofits like Global Solutions Pittsburgh, The World Affairs Council, and The Girls Coalition to facilitate local discussion events. Laila also uses public installation art as a means of raising awareness. She recently received funding from Soup N’At to create another public installation piece. Laila most enjoys working with youth and has also taught grades 4-12 in many Pittsburgh school districts. Laila is a recipient of the Women and Girl’s Foundation’s ‘Global Impacts- Emerging Leader’ award.

This event is co-sponsored with Global Solutions Pittsburgh