Guest Instagrammer: Yosvany Deya Martinez

Over the next two weeks,Yosvany Deya Martinez, a 42 year-old Cuban living in Habana, will be taking over our Instagram account.

Guest instagrammer #Yosbani #Cuba Comida Típica 🙂

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CK: Can you tell me a little about your background and your work as a freelance filmmaker?

Yosvany: I studied Computer Engineering so I’m oriented to the digital art world. I have a couple of minor national photography awards and I keep studying new platforms to increase the quality of my videos using special effects. Little documentaries about the intellectuals I know and low budget musical video clips are my specialty.

CK: What drew you to photography and creative expression?
Yosvany: I studied Computer Engineering but the crisis made it obvious that no great computer future was awaiting so I refocused on my artistic side using the limited internet access (granted by my IT degree related jobs) as a great source of knowledge.
CK: What was life like for you growing up in Cuba and how has life in Habana changed?
Yosvany: I´m 42 so I grew up when things were easier, no computers or color TV until we were 18. Then the economic crisis started in 1990 and all we had left was free education and free health care. Today it is about the same: very social, very poor, 20 years older, although we are way more tolerant to vegetables and new ideals.

CK: What is your favorite Cuban food? What do you like to cook?

Yosvany: My favorite Cuban food is the usual combo of pork or beef in sauce, with some roots accompanying the rice with beans, avocado and tomato to enhance the color and some fruit shake for dessert (if there is no flan)! I´m not a great cook but the stew we call caldosa is always flexible to the ingredients we might find.