Guest Instagrammer: Shervin Fekri

Over the next two weeks, Shervin Fekri, an Iranian Instagrammer, will take over our Instagram account.

CK: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.
Shervin: I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1990. After finishing my high school, I moved to Istanbul to start my university education. I studied Urban Planning in Turkey, the Netherlands and finally I was graduated from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Upon my arrival in Milan, I co-founded Dogmart, a cultural association which tries to promote the emerging Iranian alternative music scene. Currently, I’m finalizing my master’s degree in International Management with a focus on urban events and cultural development of cities.
CK: What drives your work as an Instagrammer?
Shervin:  Instagrammer? Instagram for me is where I share with others what I find peculiar, both in my personal life and in my surrounding. While visiting a place, I let myself get impressed by every single detail. And if I’m somewhere that is not new to me, I pick and become that friend of mine that has never been there and I try to figure out all the surrounding as a complete stranger, as a first time visitor.
CK: What is a typical week like for you?
Shervin:  Seriously, I tried to find an answer but I couldn’t. So far I don’t have a definition for a typical week.
CK: What are your favorite Iranian dishes? What are you eating or cooking on a weekly basis?
Shervin:  Kashk-e Bademjan, Mirza Ghasemi, Zereshk Polo, Baghla Ghatogh. I usually try and cook my own recipes which are highly influenced by the Iranian, Turkish and Italian cuisines.