Guest Instagrammer: Pouria Sarhadi

Over the next two weeks, Pouria Sarhadi, an Iranian Instagrammer, will take over our Instagram account.

A half day in nature 3/5 – #north #iran

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CK: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.
Pouria: I am Pouria Sarhadi from Tehran/Iran. A photojournalist based in Tehran. I started documentary photography in 2010 and then got to News University in Tehran. I have worked for some well-known magazines such as Hamshahri, Khane-ArmaniI, Khanevadeh-sabz and also worked at ISNA news agency.

CK: What drives your work as a photographer?
Pouria: One of the most important things that drives me as a documentary photographer is I can explain my meditations and thoughts with my photos and being effective on people.

CK: What led you to your project?
Pouria: The major factor that leads me to have an Instagram account is that I can show the lifestyle of Iranian people and make some photos from the daily life of people in Iran, particularly in capital Tehran.

CK: What is a typical week like for you?
Pouria: If I want to explain my typical week,I should say during the week I just take photographs from early morning till evening and gathering with my close friends in the weekend,going to a gallery,cinema,theater etc.

CK: What are your favorite Iranian dishes?
Pouria: My favorite Iranian dishes are Ghormeh-sabzi like all of the Iranian people, in addition, I really love traditional Kebob and Fesenjan.

CK: What are you eating or cooking on a weekly basis
Pouria: I’m not a good cook at all, but if I want to give it a try , I would go with spaghetti with special vegetables and sauce.

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