Local/Global Interview
(with Falk Laboratory School)

We ran our workshop the Local/Global Interview with 80 seventh grade Spanish Language students from the Falk Laboratory School.  The students were introduced to the history of the relationship between the United States and Cuba by their Spanish language teacher Miss Fedorko.  The students engaged in independent research on Cuba and discussed our Cuban Wrapper in class prior to the workshop.

We brought two Cuban speakers living in Pittsburgh to the seventh grade class; Jose Moreno, an editor and writer who emigrated from Cuba in 1968 and Ivette Spradlin, a first generation Cuban American.  The students were divided into small groups and afforded the opportunity to interview Jose and Ivette, two speakers with different perspectives about Cuba. The students then came to Conflict Kitchen for lunch. Our culinary director, Robert Sayre, introduced our Cuban menu and discussed culinary traditions of Cuba.